The Only Mystery Tales You'll Ever Hear Are Ones Your Authors Compose

Warner Media Services
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Aha! Here's the Solution

There's no mystery when it comes to the best choice in audiobook production: Warner Media Services offers publishers all the resources they need to turn books of every category into high-quality cassettes:

Structural Design






P-O-P Promotional Materials

Direct Fulfillment


Someone Is Watching Out for You

What's more, as the publishing world's one-stop audiobook resource, Warner Media Services acts as your production partner. We keep you informed of your job's progress every step of the way. So there's no need for detective work when you get:


A dedicated Project Manager, focused on your deadlines and delivery dates, coordinates your complete order from one P.O.


A weekly Status Report, complete with a Tracking Timeline, lets you know at a glance the exact progress of each part of your job, from arrival through final approval.


An accurate and timely Inventory Report (for both components and finished goods) keeps you fully informed and well-equipped to manage your stock.


Handling Your Job Quickly-and The Right Way


We understand how important it is for publishers to get their products to market on time. By offering the unparalleled convenience of one-stop production, Warner Media Services achieves the best timing in the industry. Because we provide printing services and maintain the largest cassette duplicating factory in North America, orders are processed at peak efficiency. And that can make a world of difference when you're on a tight schedule. Even regular turnaround means days, not weeks, at Warner Media Services.



Coming Soon: Instant Online Access


Early in 1998, Warner Media Services installs a state-of-the-art Oracle Database System to give customers secure, 24-hour access to their inventory information, updated in real time. If you have a question, all you'll need to do is log onto your proprietary home page, and you'll find answers waiting for you there.



Top-Quality Audiobook Services

Single-Resource Economies

Fastest Turnaround

Continuous Project Updates


Boasting the fastest turnaround in the industry and superior production facilities, Warner Media Services can manufacture 700,000 cassettes daily.


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