"A quick mind and an even faster pen, Susan has keen insight into what will make a business more successful. Her words and her thinking have helped sales forces at New York, Self, Ziff-Davis, and US magazines to successfully position themselves in a changing, challenging, and highly competitive marketplace." -- Lawrence C. Burstein, publishing executive

"You write the ads the whole world sings!" -- Craig Braun, Creative Director, AOL Time Warner

"It's a lot more than 'Writing That Sells'...it's 'Ideas That Sell.' And that's what makes her the best in the business. -- former publisher, George

"Your words dance off the pages. Thank you!" -- Special Sections Manager, Business Week

"Susan Breslow rocks!" -- Sales Representative, Allure

"Writing That Sells solves marketing problems. When I needed a seasoned and versatile pro to help us shepherd a new advertiser into our magazines, I called on Susan to represent us to the client, develop a concept they'd buy, execute it flawlessly, and handle follow-up. She did such a fine job that the client has become a regular advertiser." -- Vice President, The Parenting Group

"It was a pleasure working with you." -- Marketing Manager, Travel Holiday