Dear Advertiser:

With the release of ABC's latest Fas-Fax, the good news about US is confirmed: Single-copy sales are up an impressive 20% over last year.*

Not only is US selling, on average, nearly 85,000 more newsstand copies monthly – it's also overdelivering by 10% on its 1 million rate base.

This single-copy surge – which many marketers see as the surest sign of a magazine's growing popularity – is among the highest percentage gain of any title, especially those with a rate base 1 million or more.

Significantly, the rise of US at newsstand is greater than competitors People, Premiere, and Entertainment Weekly.

Why is US the star of the newsstand?

US is on a clear, consistent, confident course. Taking the lead as the younger, cooler, fresher entertainment magazine, US focuses on the youthful artists and achievers a new generation of consumers really cares about. Readers have taken notice.

Our newsstand sell-through has not gone unnoticed by advertisers, either. To date, US has carried more ad pages in 1999 than in the same period in 1998. And we continue to win more and more business from leading-edge marketers.

When your sales representative calls, he or she will have good news about how advertising in US translates into a big advantage for you. I am hopeful that – like so many of our new readers – you'll come to appreciate the distinct advantages of US.

Yours truly,
US Publisher

* US average newsstand sales for six months ended 12/31/98: 509,617
US average newsstand sales for six months ended 12/31/97: 424,640